Little Downtowns

The amazing thing about Greater Athens is the fact that it contains many smaller cities in one. Little Downtowns if you wish.

Just like in Ancient Greece and the city-states, modern Greece has the same concept. Especially in Greater Athens. Each Municipality or Δήμος (Dimos) is like a small downtown with its own cafes, bars, clubs and way of life.

The difference between Athens and many other cities in the world is that other cities have a downtown and maybe 1-2 others parts of the city where you can have a good time. This is the difference between Athens and its counterparts. Of course Athens has its downtown, but it also has hundreds of places where you can have a great time. Some people have gone downtown Athens very rarely but have never missed out on the action. They stay in their municipality which is enough to have them enjoy an amazing day and nightlife.

The greatest thing about Athens is that many cafes/bars/clubs and bouzoukia (Greek clubs with Live Greek music) renovate every year, making every winter or summer season a brand new experience.

In other countries, big clubs almost never renovate. You can visit a city after 20 years and the popular clubs are almost the same. But not in Greece and especially not in Athens. Here, every winter and summer season you will find brand new clubs, with new names and new decors. Yes, of course you will have the classic clubs and bouzoukia that have been around for many years. But if you have not visited Athens for a long time you will think that you are in a new city. This is the beauty. Cafes, bars, clubs and bouzoukia renovate and change themes in order to stay current. Greek singers move around and create new combination every year making the singing experience unique. You can expect something new every winter and every summer season, making life in Athens extremely fun.

In the map below you can see many municipalities, well consider all these little downtowns.

Keep in mind that no matter where you are in Athens, something exciting and fun is walking distance away, which makes living in Athens wonderfully amazing!

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