Don’t visit Greece if…

I decided to add this page because recently a few friends came back from Greece that didn’t really have a good time. I was really stunned to hear this, but as I started to ask them questions, I understood very quickly why.

So I say this: if you are someone that likes all-inclusive hotels, and has visited places on Earth but didn’t leave the hotel premises, then don’t visit Greece. You will not have fun.

If you think of vacationing as waking up in your fully air-conditioned room, taking the elevator to the buffet, walking a few meters to the beach, sitting on a sun-bed for hours, getting a massage from a local, ordering food at your sun-bed, sitting a few more hours, then walking back to the room… and doing all this again for 7 days… then Greece is not for you.

Of course you will find all the above in Greece too, but Greece is an adventurous place, a place for explorers, someone that wakes up at 7am, sits at a local coffee shop, opens a map and a list of top-10 things they want to see, and starts the journey until the sun goes down. At the end of the day, the soles on your shoes are almost gone and the map is full of check-marks. You return to the hotel, take a quick shower and head out to enjoy Greece’s night life… and doing all of the above day after day. This is what Greece is all about!

Don’t get me wrong. Greece has amazing hotels, fully air-conditioned with amazing buffets, everything you will find anywhere else in the world, and of course you will also find the all-inclusive hotels. If you still insist on staying in a hotel for your whole stay, enjoying the hotel services, you can do that too, but why would you ever want to do this?

Why would you ever want to eat pancakes and bacon from a buffet, when you can eat real Greek yogurt, real Greek honey and fruits that were picked from the trees just outside your hotel? Why would you want to eat at the hotel restaurant when you can eat at amazing Greek taverns next to the waves? Why would you ever sit in the hotel for hours, instead of visiting amazing places, some considered as the best places in the world?

Yes, you might have to hike for 15mins over a small hill, but the reward will be a paradise-like beach untouched by man! 

Of course you will lie on beaches, sipping cold coffee, just chilling for hours enjoying life, but this is just the icing on the cake! This is the destination of a great journey.
The whole meaning of visiting Greece is to enjoy life! Enjoying the Greek life.

My friends were not happy because their WiFi in the hotel wasn’t the best (they weren’t able to watch movies on NetFlix – they actually told me that it was buffering!?!) and the beach was further than what they were told. I actually did some research, the nearest beach was an 8 min walk from their hotel and even better beaches (some that appear in top-10 lists) were 15 minutes away. Sad isn’t? But these people are telling their friends that Greece was not the paradise that everyone makes it out to be.

Tip: if you want to watch a movie, why don’t you go see it at the open-air cinemas all over the city?

So, before you pack your bags and book tickets, make sure you know where you are going. Again, there are all-inclusive hotels if this is what you want. There is WiFi everywhere in Greece, air-conditioned rooms, huge buffets and anything you are used to back home.

But, Greeks used to live the longest (before the fast-food revolution) due to three things:
1) They ate healthy 2) they walked, danced, laughed explored and 3) they enjoyed life!

So if you are coming all the way to Greece, come here to live the Greek life!

Whether it’s in a small remote village, Athens, or a Greek island, come to eat healthy food, explore, walk, swim, relax, laugh, dance and enjoy life!… and i promise you, the things you will see, experience and live will not buffer one bit!